An Indoor Gymnasium

Ursula Jupp, The Daily Colonist May 29 1960

Once the Summer tennis and swimming season had ended, Gordon Head Athletic Club members needed something to do in Fall and Winter months. At the September 30 1916 meeting, “All members were asked to keep in mind the long winter evenings and to think of plans for same in which the G.H.A.C. may be of use.”

An indoor gymnasium could be a good way to spend long winter evenings. Mr. Somers moved that Mr. Tucker, assisted by Mr. Grant Lindquist, should be responsible for the athletic activities of the club. Mr. Tucker and Mr. Lindquist were to investigate the possibilities of the old schoolhouse for gymnasium purposes, decide what was needed in the way of equipment and report to executive as to probable cost in carrying out their plans. On November 20 1916, “the report of Mr. Tucker re the gymnasium and its equipment came and occupied some time.” Mr. Watson, Mr. Tucker and the President were asked to look over the ground and make another report as to the probable cost of the needed equipment. Permission was granted to spend such money as was needed upon lighting and other incidentals.

On December 22 1916, the gymnasium committee presented its report and were given permission to proceed according to their proposed plans. “The club to pay for such further equipment as was deemed necessary.” By January 2 1917, the gymnasium was now ready to use. “A simple strong equipment had been put into place consisting of rings, bars, ladders etc…It was arranged that Mr. Tucker meet the boys and men every Wednesday night and that Captain Todd should meet the women and girls every Monday from 7 to 9 P.M.”

Captain Todd… spoke very briefly to the club regarding the uses and abuses of a gym. He pointed out the need of unselfishness on the part of the big people in dealing with the younger children. The big boy should help the little chap and teach him to be cautious while learning the various stunts. The same advice applies to the girls. 

At the first Annual Meeting on April 30 1917, Mr. Tucker and Captain Todd said much had been accomplished by the youngsters. They suggested an improvement of putting in a floor. “The saw dust proved very dirty. Someone wondered if the school board would furnish lumber for the floor if club members agreed to place it. The question was left over.” (We don’t know what happened, it’s not further mentioned) On September 20 1917 “Moved by Mr. Somers, seconded by Miss Dunnett, that an amount of $2.10 be paid to Capt. Todd for money he had paid out for rope for the gym.” There is one last mention on April 29 1918: “The Gymnasium is still popular.”

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