Gordon Head Athletic Club 1916-1922

The organization was called “Gordon Head Athletic Club”. May 31 1916 minutes. Photo credit: Saanich Archives

In summer 1916, the Western Powers were fighting on The Somme. But in fruit-growing Gordon Head, Saanich BC, a group of residents were working together to bring health and recreation to the young people of their community. The Gordon Head Athletic Club built a tennis court and a school garden, provided a play field, taught children how to swim and how to sing. They also lent a hand for patriotic purposes — they raised money for the Red Cross and sent parcels to soldiers — always keeping in mind their motto: “All for Each and Each for All”. Years later, the Gordon Head Athletic Club minute book was found in an old Gordon Head barn and eventually made its way to the Saanich Archives. Now, the pages of the minute book have been brought to life with images from Saanich Archives’ Gordon Head collections (donated by former Gordon Head residents and their families), contemporary news items and oral history interviews. Come back in time to “a summer in Gordon Head when each member of the club strove to make better and happier the lives of all the rest.”

Gordon Head is an Active Community

The Secretary and Our President

“forming some sort of association…for recreation centres for Gordon Head”

Mr. Pither and his Play Field

Courts worthy of this District

The Art of Swimming

Our First Concert Program

The Gymnasium

Mr. Watson’s singing classes

Dances at Gordon Head Hall

“All were pleased and grateful for our interest”

Beautifying the school grounds

“There was only about six years I suppose…”

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