Vancouver Heritage Site Finder Interactive Map

Researcher and content editor, Vancouver Heritage Foundation, Heritage Site Finder

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Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Site Finder is an interactive online map that lets researchers explore over 2200 properties on the Vancouver Heritage Register. In 2015-2016, I participated in the early stages of the map’s development. As a researcher, I looked historic Vancouver directories, building permit records and fire insurance maps to create mini “house histories”. A starting focus was the Douglas Park area of Vancouver, developed as a street car suburb in the 1910s. This project enabled me to get to know my own neighbourhood better, and to give more historical / social context to the heritage property information. As content editor, I reviewed existing map content for completeness and coherence. I structural edited, style edited and re-wrote existing property descriptions, and made the content clear and easier to read on mobile devices.

Lisa Wilson, Special Projects Coordinator, Vancouver Heritage Foundation said this:

“Over the past year, Stephanie has volunteered her time as a content editor to review and improve large amounts of written material appearing on VHF’s Heritage Site Finder Interactive Map. She has made edits to the historic write ups that have helped ensure clarity and focus of the material, flow of information, and overall accessibility. Stephanie’s skills have added immeasurably to the user-friendly nature of our resource.”