This website shares stories I’ve discovered in my history research explorations.

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I grew up surrounded by family photos, diaries and documents that made me fascinated in the stories behind these people and what things were like at the time. No surprise that I enjoyed writing stories and plays as a kid and went on to study history at university!

I have an M.A. (Public History), an LL.B. and T.E.S.O.L. certification. My varied study and work experiences have always used my core “history detective” skills – searching for “clues”, analyzing and piecing together the “evidence”, building and sharing the story in a clear and engaging way. In my history projects, my main focus is on using primary resource materials like diaries, letters, newspapers and photos to tell a story.

“Stephanie compiled our Nanna Raye Green’s family photographs and written history, creating both a hard copy and online renditions. She also created a visual chronology of the family by scanning photographs and, along with those, delivered (without notes) a 90 minute verbal presentation, which was profoundly moving. Stephanie’s approach was skilled and her abilities to assemble, catalogue, and edit efficiently are masterful. Stephanie’s capacity to discern details and read between the lines, incorporating them into the final narrative, led us to an understanding of the sometimes curious choices our Nanna made. Our family has always been close, but Stephanie’s interpretation of our history confirmed our desire and intent to preserve our connection. In addition, the project endorsed the love and respect for family that our Nanna demonstrated throughout her life. We are deeply grateful to Stephanie for this very generous gift.” Gail Irvine, grand-daughter of prairie homesteader and memoirist, Raye Green

“I had the privilege of reading Stephanie’s project Raye Green’s Life: Stories and memories from a remarkable Canadian pioneer and Editing Raye Green’s Writing, all presented in a very organized, clear format. Stephanie simplified and made the source information easy to read and process. Her presentation of this marvellous woman and the family history is professional and inspirational. Thank you Stephanie.” Wynn Putnam, formerly CFO, Lorez Vibration Control Ltd, Vancouver and Key Accounts Manager, Kraft General Foods Ltd. Western Division

“Over the past year, Stephanie has volunteered her time as a content editor to review and improve large amounts of written material appearing on VHF’s Heritage Site Finder Interactive Map. She has made edits to the historic write ups that have helped ensure clarity and focus of the material, flow of information, and overall accessibility. Stephanie’s skills have added immeasurably to the user-friendly nature of our resource.” Lisa Wilson, Special Projects Coordinator, Vancouver Heritage Foundation

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Stephanie in her role as a contributing writer for the Editors Canada branch blog, West Coast Editor. Stephanie has proven herself to be adaptable to different subject areas and article types, and she has an excellent sense of what information will be interesting to others. She is also very reliable and is always punctual with her submissions.” Amy Haagsma, Managing Editor, West Coast Editor

“Being familiar with Stephanie’s online historical publications, Tofino Clayoquot Heritage Museum was keen to reach out to her to invite her to curate an exhibit on World War One history in Clayoquot Sound. In delving in to her grandfather’s history in Clayoquot Sound, Stephanie discovered and spun in stories of so many other west coast characters! We were astounded by the amount of research and diligence that went in to the production of Stephanie’s exhibit and exhibit opening talk – it was above and beyond what we had hoped for in terms of amount of content and contextual information, ease of process, and contribution of artifacts and photographs for display.

When Stephanie came to Tofino she immersed herself in the experience of connecting with historical locations, travelling by boat to some key sites from the Clayoquot Sound WWI story. Not only did she dive back in history, but she brought history to life for all of us museum staff, visitors to the exhibit, and audience at the exhibition opening. Often funny, always clear and thorough, she painted a vivid pictures of the times. Stephanie brought to light precious details of so many stories long time locals were unaware of — taking us on a fascinating and sometimes emotional journey into the past and connecting it with the present. In coordinating the production of the guest exhibition “Vargas Island Ranchers at Home and at War” Stephanie was a delight to work with! It has been such a privilege.” Ava Hansen, Operations Manager, Tofino Clayoquot Heritage Museum