Learning to Grow: Saanich School Gardens in the WWI era

Royal Oak School Garden from the 1919 Report of the Director of Elementary Agricultural Education, J.W. Gibson, Forty-eighth Annual Report of the Public Schools of the Province of British Columbia

The Saanich schools are well-advanced in school gardening

Inspector of Saanich schools, W.H.M. May, 1919

During the World War One era, Saanich school children were taking their lessons outside into the school garden. Through the support of Women’s Institutes, the Department of Education and the Saanich School Board and Council, Saanich schools vied for “Best School Garden” at the Saanich Fair and grew produce to help the War effort.

Featuring contemporary photographs, documents and vivid reports of Council meetings, here is the story of the rise and fall of Saanich school gardens.

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