Vargas Island Ranchers at Home and at War

Guest Curator, “Vargas Island Ranchers at Home and at War”, Tofino Clayoquot Heritage Museum

Vargas Island, near Tofino, was the site of short-lived “ranching” settlement from 1908-1918. I contributed my original research and created museum displays, wrote online articles and gave illustrated talks. The exhibit used photographs, land records, diary entries and letters to explore daily life on the island and on the Western Front.

Vargas Island Ranchers at Home and at War exhibit

The exhibit ran from February to early June 2019 and had an enthusiastic response from museum visitors and the local community. In particular, kayak and boat guides who’ve told stories of Vargas Island for years commented that they had learned much from the exhibit and they can now share it with visitors.

Read the background to the story: Vargas Island ranchers go to war and an overview of the exhibit: The War Is Over.

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